Revolutionizing Full-chip sign-off analysis for complex IC's

Invarian offers simple yet powerful and thorough full-chip and SoC sign-off analysis tools for the challenges facing chip designers today. Using standard interface formats we make physical verification accurate, seamless, and fast with ultra-high capacity for Digital, Analog and Mixed signal designs. Invarian offers a comprehensive approach to simultaneous analysis of IR-Drop, Electromigraton, Power, and Thermal. The platform is efficient and enables for striking an optimum balance between power and performance, challenging the aging traditional over-margined methodologies. Invarian's concurrent analysis algorithms deliver SPICE level accuracy at the speed and scale necessary for today's complex designs.


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Invarian worked closely with our implementation team and we were able to get our tapeout signed off on time. Their hierarchical models are both accurate and efficient and allow us to run our entire SoC in one pass. Their team is highly responsive and features were added quickly.–Tier One Fabless Customer

We are very impressed with the customer service from Invarian. I am glad we made the decision to acquire their Power Analysis and EM/IR solution. The tools are intuitive, and quick to bring up and integrate into our sign-off flow. The analysis accuracy is the best we have seen.–Leading electronics company